(Excerpted from the DIAMOND BUYER'S GUIDE)

  The following price chart is based on typical net retail prices (before sales tax) in retail (bricks and mortar) stores in a typical midsize city. The final price of any diamond will vary due to the unique cutting features and inclusion pattern in any given stone. The most important value of the price chart is that it allows you to see the price differences between various color and clarity grades as well as the geometric price increase relative to carat weight.

  The prices on this grid are based on premium (60/60) or near ideal cut round diamonds with GIA, EGL, or AGS certificates. For non branded, true ideal or hearts and arrow cuts, add about 10%. For branded ideals or hearts and arrows, add 15-30%, depending on the brand name. The Aglaia is one of the most expensive branded cuts and can have as much as a 30-40% premium. Most of the non-branded fancy shapes will be very close to these base prices with the exception of a well cut marquise which will have a 10-20% premium. The branded fancies will have the same pattern of premiums as the branded rounds. Diamonds without certificates will be from 5-10% less than the price chart.

  If you are shopping the internet, look for as much as 10-20% discount below these prices; prices for certified, ideal cut diamonds on the internet are almost identical to those on the price chart. Keep in mind that this discount is due to the fact that there is little or no personal interaction between you and the seller; it is a simple electronic transaction requiring little time on the part of the seller.

  If you are shopping in a major metropolitan area or one with a higher cost of living than the Southeast then you can expect prices to be higher.

  The price list will be updated from time to time. Where the chart has zeros, there were insufficient data to establish a valid base price.

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